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The Platinum Tools ezEX-RJ45 Connectors are designed to be the perfect fit! You can easily terminate Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 6a cable with Platinum Tools ezEX44 RJ45 connectors. The ideal connector for Cat 6 and similar 23AWG conductor cable. Installers know Cat 6 cable with 23AWG conductors can be a very tight fit in industry standard RJ45 or even EZ-RJ45 Cat 6 connectors. The ezEX44, with it's larger body cavity and bigger conductor channels, make cable insertion faster and terminations much easier.

This connector is typically used with Cat6A and is terminated with EXO Crimp Frame and EXO-EX Die (PLAT-100061C). The new patented ezEX-RJ45 Termination System is the solution providing greater cable to connector compatibility to meet higher performance demands. The ezEX-RJ45 connectors feature a unique integrated Hi-Lo stagger load bar and allows conductors to pass through the front end of the connector making it easy to verify the wiring sequence before terminating.


  • Rated for POE/POE+
  • Hi-Lo stagger to isolate each conductor
  • Simple one piece/pass through design, no bars or liners
  • Insulation Diameter (Conductor) Size range: .039" - .044" (1.0 -1.12mm)
  • Max Outer Diameter: .290" (7.36mm)
  • Typically used with Cat6
  • 5e/6/6A compliant
  • Solid or Stranded 24-22 AWG
  • TIA, TAA, RoHS 2, UL & FCC compliant
  • Made in the USA

Platinum Tools 202048J ezEX48 10G RJ45 Connectors for 0.043 to 0.048 Conductor S

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